Thursday Thirteen 12th edition

13 Good flicks to snuggle up with

1. Pride & Prejudice (tha A&E several disks version)

2. Anne of Green Gables

3. Bachelor Mother -black and white with Ginger Rogers, a comedy!! She is funny, and there are so many good quotes from this one...a new- years scene too, nice to watch at new years.

4. Philadelphia Story with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn-oh a classic, and funny

5. Emma

6. Sense & Sensibility

7. Arsenic and old lace- Cary Grant again, you'll laugh so hard

8. Shop around the corner-Jimmy Stewart, "you have mail" was a re-do of this, this one much better, tho the other was sweet too.

9. Ever After -just beautiful and sweet, Angelica Houston was hilarious.

10. Jeeves & Wooster -of course!! Hubby says should be at top of my list! -introduce yourself to the Hugh Laurie we all knew before he had a t.v. show here.

11. Mr. Blandings builds his dream house- another Cary Grant, several re-do's of this-"the money pit" is one I can think of..this is better.

12. The Thin man - Any of them, they are all good, black& white-Myrna Loy I think

13. Princess Bride - " As you wish.../ Never start a land war in Asia/and never mess with a Sicilian when death is on the line!!" The ultimate classic and the ultimate quoteable!

it's getting chilly here in So. Ca, I'm thinking of a good movie to cozy up with...
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