Christian Women online Sweet Scent blog awards

Christian Women Online is hosting the Sweet Scent blog awards. This blog is a nominee in the homeschool blog category. All I can say is wow, I am so surprised. And very touched. The other two nominees in this section are also blogs that I visit daily. Lindsey at Enjoy the Journey was the inspiration for me to give blogging a try. I enjoy her thoughts, ideas, and pictures of her adorable kids.
At a hen's pace is a joy to visit, always thoughtful-and of course how could I resist the name? The name of her blog was why I visited the first time. She shares from time to time quotes from the book the name was taken. And her kids are all cute too.

I encourage you to go over to CWO and check out all the nominees for all of the different categories. I see many I visit, but also some I do not know. Makes for lots of blogging fun.
You can vote for the nominees of your choice by emailing this address

happy blog surfing!