Quick Takes


We have our second high school graduate!  Josie graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts, which she attended for 11th and 12th grades.  I have to say, the graduation ceremony was incredible, imagine attending a graduation for the show "Glee" or for the Disney Channel...it was really, really well done!  I was so excited for her, that I took this great photo out in direct sunlight...oops.  Sometimes you forget the things you know how to do, or is that just me?

 photo Josiegraduation-homeis-blog-edit_zpsrmmavniw.jpg




I moved my blog over to squarespace.  This is my first post drafted on my new platform.  Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?  --taps mic....er, still getting used to this, it's kind of like having my training wheels on.  So far, the blog is here, it still works.  Yay! 


Dumb Pet Tricks: and no, that is not a commentary on the intelligence of goldfish, which are pretty smart.  ( I was accused on instagram of slamming goldfish) I will pause here and remind readers that Meg did a Science experiment on operant conditioning with goldfish (she taught them a swim routine for treats).  Anyway, Dumb pet tricks refers to a late night segment on t.v. where people would bring their pets on to show off a trick, often making the person look dorkie, not the animal :D 

So, our goldfish has a really bad begging problem.  He swallows too much air while begging at the surface, and then bobs around upside down for a day or two.  At least, that is my theory.  It scared me the first time I noticed it, but then the next day, he is fine.  So, uh, ok.

 photo upsidedown-goldfish-homeisblog_zpslgpbpmkl.jpg


Demi-Sky and Amie are taking a creative writing summer class at OCSA, they really, really like it.  Last week, the class had a poetry slam contest and Demi came in 2nd place.  :)  >>>yes, we are big-time nerds here.


Sky finished our walk-in shower.  It's very zen.  It's so zen that it doesn't match the rest of the bathroom.  Sky is now taking out the doors and re-finishing them, and then he has to re-do the vanity cabinet.  It's kind of like that book, "If you give a mouse a cookie" over here.  Sky always has to be building something though, so it works out ok.


Homeschool convention time is here!  I am really excited about Bloggers night out this Thursday at the CHEA convention.  Here's a link-  It should be a lot of fun!