Simple Porkchops ~ a recipe for the distracted cook

Broiled Pork Chops- an answer for the distracted cook

simple broiled porkchops

Yes, I am the scattered, Bridget Jones -Homeschool mom.  I've accepted it, embraced it.  (sort of)

A favorite story around here is the moment when, Sky asked me what I was planning for dinner -and I gave him this startled deer-in-the-headlights look.  I said something like, "um, dinner?" and he looked at me incredulous and said, "yes, dinner! It's not like it's a surprise to you, it happens everyday!"  So, um, yeah, I don't do well with planning ahead.

We remodeled our kitchen last year, and we put in a stove with a broiler mode.  (um, forget the story about how the old oven had a broiler function on it, but I didn't realize it) One day I tried making broiled pork chops for the family, and I knew, here was the perfect dish for the distracted, scattered cook!  Seriously, folks, pork chops take about 8-9 minutes to broil on each side. That's it!  I've played around with them a bit, and here is my family's favorite version of broiled pork chops:

Simple Broiled Pork Chops (a distracted cook recipe)

  • gather your ingredients:  pork chops (I favor Costco's pork chops) butter, fresh ground pepper, thyme, Lowry's seasoned salt
  • grease your broiler pan, so it will be easy to clean. (you'll be glad you did)
  • spread butter on one side of each pork chop
  • sprinkle each liberally with pepper (it's better with more, not less) some dried thyme and a tiny sprinkle of Lowry's seasoned salt. A hint, really, the pepper and thyme are the stars of this show.

that's it!  Put the broiler pan in the oven and broil for 8-9 minutes. Pull out, carefully, flip the pork chops over, and do the same to the other sides.  Pop back in the broiler for another 8-9 minutes. Look, a meal!

 photo porkchopsbroiled-pan-homeis_zpsgzaik5t5.jpg

My family likes rice with these, something green- usually steamed broccoli, and when I'm really fancy, we have hot rolls.

Seriously, this is a great, easy meal to put together on those days when you just don't have a lot of time, or those days you forgot that yes, you are in charge of the food and that, yes, dinner does need to happen every day.

What's your favorite, simple dinner to make?  (cereal does not count)