Farmhouse bed {love}

We've had the same bed-set since we were married.  Yeah, we are a little sentimental about it, it was the first nice set of furniture we owned. {However} the bed had a foot-board, that was sort of like a min-bench.  About thigh-high, picturesque and great for sitting on to put on your shoes..but it was also the perfect level to jam yourself in the thigh, in the middle of the night. Or the middle of the day.  Emma-the-wonder-labradoodle even walked face-first into it one night.  (Which began her tradition of not moving through our room if it is dark, she will stand still and groan until I come get her or turn on a light.)  We've had many a bruise and scrape from this bed.

It finally occurred to us a while ago, or so, that maybe we should do something about this night-time terror.

And then we'd forget, until dark time and danger came lurking and then we'd say, "you know, we should get a new bed!"

 photo whitewashedheadboard-homeisblog_zpsdaeff6f2.jpg

But we didn't, then once in a while we'd agree that we should, specially after another midnight bruising incident.... and then it occurred to me that I do have a husband who builds things...

Sky used the plans from Ana White.  And then, Mr. Woodworker/ Civil Engineer/ Building Inspector / former contractor...didn't read the plans, or at least very quickly scanned the plans and built the headboard two-times too big!!  After I questioned the scale, he had to take it apart and build it again.  His favorite quote is "measure twice build once"  {ahem}

 photo farmhouseheadboard-homeisblog_zpsf234ceb4.jpg

Here it is!  {love it}

We were going to distress it,  but decided we liked a simple white-wash look.

And we skipped the foot-board.