7 Quick Takes Friday -wild parrots of spring edition

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Here in So. Ca we don't have seasons that stand up and shout, so to speak.  But, I know Spring is here when the magnolia tulip trees in the neighborhood bloom.  I {heart} these trees.  This is the tulip tree across the street.  I opened the blinds in our big front window the other morning and saw a flash of green.  The wild parrots were in the tree, eating the flowers.  I see seven here, how many do you see?


My kids are sick, so the great homeschool progress we made last week has been nullified this week.  Yeah, team!! We did manage some read-aloud time, we read 3 more chapters of Don Quixote (but didn't finish it) and we finished the chapters on Jamestown and John Smith in The Story of US vol. 2.  Amie continues to love her Hogwart's for Muggles class and Demi starts a new 8 week creative writing class tomorrow.


I was so excited to have this book arrive from paperback swap:

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I read the first in the series, An Assembly Such as This- and thought it was the best Pride & Prejudice spin-off that I have read.  Our library didn't have the sequel so I was so excited to get it from paperback swap.  And then, about 1/3 through it, I started thinking that the story seemed really, really familiar...and then I realized I have already read this one and I needed vol. 3  Oh well, this one is a really good read, so I will finish it and order the next.  This is so good that I suggested to Sky that he would like it.


Did I mention my kids are sick?


Sky is building a really large round table for someone (6 feet in diameter).  He made this amazing jig to enable him to cut out a huge circle, he is really amazing.  When I saw it, I told him that I would have just run around for days, trying to find a really big circle to trace...and that is why he is the "do-er" in this relationship and I am the "non-doer"...

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Demi-Sky's lacrosse game last Saturday was amazing. They were missing some key players because of an out-of-town tournament, and because of bad weather and they had just enough players to take the field. This meant that there were no substitute players, the boys had to play the entire game with no resting.  This also meant that if players were taken off the field for a penalty, that the team was short players on the field. This is Demi (number 57) and a team-mate out for a penalty. Ahem.


Sky and I are a bit practical and we don't like going out to crowded restaurants, which is why we don't have date-night during the weekend, so we spent a very quiet evening home for Valentine's day.  The highlight was taking Emma to the groomers for her "day of beauty" which was actually a gift I gave myself- a nice smelling dog is a gift that keeps on giving...

hope your week was wonderful, internets :)

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