Costume day

Meg and Josie dressed up for costume day at the Biola Star campus this Thursday.  I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the classes they take with Biola Star - the academics are high, the teachers are wonderful and professional and sometimes tough.  (I need tough, I'm too easy-going around here...) Meg's Chemistry teacher is a professor at Concordia University.  Okay, in addition to the wonderful classes they take, the also get to participate in a sort-of campus life.  They get to have hot lunches if they want, get to eat with friends, have study hall and fun activities like prom.  This Thursday was costume day, with prizes going to best literary costume.  Meg won a prize last year by going as Katniss from the Hunger Games.


Josie decided to go as "The Grim Tickler" from Veggie Tales.  It was kind of cool that the other kids at Biola got the reference immediately.  Homeschool World has its own culture  :)


Meg dressed up as Lindsey Stirling, dubstep violinist.  Lindsey is Amie's favorite artist because she often wears miss-matched socks.  Amie has found a soul-sister.

We are going to see Lindsey Stirling in concert this month when her concert tour comes to So. California.  We are so excited.  Check her out, she is a talented and hard-working artist.  Her rise to success has been very grass-roots, it's exciting to watch her work getting more notice!

Check her out on Youtube:

my favorites are Come With Us - which include other famous youtube artists, it took us a while to catch on to that, there are links are on the video  - Phantom of the Opera and Crystalize.  It's hard to pick a favorite, really.

I think I love this song, because when I first met Sky, way back when we were sixteen, he was really into rap music. Hard to believe. This rap-song is the sort he liked, clean and fun.  Takes me back to our younger days....  :)