I broke my blog!


So yeah, this is how my morning started out!  Yesterday, late afternoon I added ad spaces to my blog- and then, feeling pretty tech, I went and updated some plugins and moved things around on the sidebar.  I faithfully clicked the home button after each change to make sure I didn't break my blog.  But, ahem, I didn't take in the fact that I was logged into my account and so might be able to see things the world couldn't.  I did notice my day's stats were about 1/3 lower than usual...

And then, I woke up in the morning and found a tweet from lovely blog-friend Theresa asking me if I had changed my blog to private. I then found several emails asking the same.  I checked my blog from my iphone...blank.

Insert panicked searching and brave attempts to not cry.

Yes, I broke my blog.

Fortunately, it took me a bit less than an hour to figure out the problem.  I started first with the panicked assumption that I had been hacked, but no, all was well.  Turns out it was a plugin I had updated and never should have activated.

The toll was less then an hour's work, 3 pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and 1 diet coke.

Blogging can be scary for the non-computer-literate.