Quick takes- what I did on Summer Vacation edition

Summer vacation came and went. Wow, it's already time to start the new homeschool year! But first, a quick wrap-up of my fleeting vacation...


We did a bit of this, but not as much as I had promised.  I am vowing to go often now that school is back in session. A perk of homeschooling is hitting the beach when the crowds are gone!  I plan to make up for not going as often as I planned this Summer.


Our Bible conference -with foreign guests (who stayed a extra two weeks) and the U.S. National Fencing Championships all happened at the same time.  I survived. Barely.  I will forever bless the dear Korean sister who took over the cooking for her family. They were happy (Korean food!) and I was happy, because I really didn't know if I was coming or going!  Here's a clip of Josie in fencing action (and me being loud sideline mom in the background-and no, Josie is not her real name.)


Bible conference and Josie's fencing tournament collided with my mother becoming severely ill and then dying.  It all happened so quick it still takes my breath away.  I wrote, when she first was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver that I wasn't sad- but angry and detached.  I was wrong, there are no words really, to describe the horror and pain of watching your mother suffering.  I lost my mother way too young, and despite our lack of a close relationship- or maybe because of that lack, losing her left a big, gaping, jagged hole.  This will be forever my Summer of regret.



Meg had a couple of these.  Irish feis time is a lot of fun.  Great photo opportunities!

I've discovered the video capabilities on my iphone, here's a short clip of Meg in action at her last feis:


Sky took time off work to attend a week-long wood marquetry class.  I can best describe it as making designs with inlays of wood. He has done two complete projects, and I can't wait to share a photo- I do have to wait though, because one of them is a gift, so I can't spill the beans yet. Grumble.


The Orange County fair is a family tradition. Lately, we've had several family members enter art into the competitions. This year, Sky entered one of his horse jewelry boxes, Josie entered a dragon painting(and won a blue ribbon!) and Amie entered 3 paintings into the children's competition and won one blue and two red ribbons.  It was a good showing for the {Home} gang :)

(I won't bore you with more photos, but if you follow me on instagram, you will see them there. )

How was your Summer?  I hope it was a good one, full of lovely, summery memories


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