River Song's {red} shoes

Being a girl, I have a thing for beautiful shoes.  However, being the mom of 4 and living on 1 income, I've learned to quietly squash that genetic yearning for luscious footwear.  I only have a few pair, and they are all [must it always come to this??] Sensible/ and purchased on sale.

And then, I saw them:

River Song's deep-red platform heels oh Mary Kate & Ashely! She {River} strode confidently across my wide-screen t.v. in them.  She then taunted me the first few minutes of the episode with them...hanging them casually in the Tardis, carrying them in her hand as she curtsied to the Dr.  There is something about River Song that I admire deeply.  Have I also admitted before to an undying love of red? {see my kitchen remodel post} *here.

You will see the scene that that stole my fabulous-shoe-starved-soul at the beginning of the video....

So, whenever I found myself out amongst the shops, I would look for River Song Red Shoes.  I'd see the platform shape, but the color would always be too crimson.  Or the color would be close, but they would be a felty/ sued material.

Sky finally suggested I google them, and he found this:  Diary of a Renaissance Seamstress which did a great job tracking down look-alikes. ( the originals were over $700 !  I see them on sale now, but still they are out of my range)

I settled for the BCB Generation pumps on sale for $70.

They are on their way!!  I'm kind of giddy.

I'll need a new dress now.

So, is there a girl-item you just had to have?? Spill....