7 Quick Things -red kitchen edition

it's {red}


Finally, a photo of our mini-kitchen remodel.  The most obvious part- we painted it red and took the cabinet doors off, giving it an open shelving look.  Sky also demolished the old white tile and replaced it with a wooden butcher-block counter-top and a new drop-in sink.  He also put in new subway tile on the back-splash area.  I love it all :)



My man-child had a birthday.  He is almost as tall as I am.  Love the all-boyness, but still sighing after the chubby toddler days.  I love watching him grow up, but I miss my baby-boy.



Science experiments. More homeschool fun.  It became obvious that I cannot follow directions. I got 3/4th through the experiment and realized the measurements for the dry ingredients were supposed to last the entire experiment...I did not have to measure them out again and again.  I blew through a whole can of baking soda...sigh..... Sky was not surprised. He says I manage to ruin boxed brownies. (which is why I am not allowed to make them...)



I was trying to follow the directions on this bag of frozen french fries...the directions were only for 1/2 the bag or 3/4 the bag...leaving me to think we must be pigs for needing to make the entire bag.... some things puzzle me.


Fall was here. And then it wasn't. I was sorely tempted to hit the beach today with the kids, but I had a learning record meeting to prepare for...rumor has it that Fall will be back by Thursday.  Here in So. Ca, you have to keep your eyes wide open for Fall, otherwise you miss it.


Rubio's lobster burritos are back. Oh yeah.  I am suspending my no-wheat rule for these. I could eat them with corn chips, but I can't resist the whole giant flour tortilla full of lobster and avocado scenario.  It's gotta be all or nothing.


Turkey sandwiches. Another reason to suspend the no-wheat rule.


Hope your Thanksgiving was brilliant, bloggy friends!