a stream of consciousness

*I've been neglecting my blog, because I've been spending my time reading other lovely blogs I've stumbled onto lately.

Here's a shout-out: 

and okay, not new finds, but I've been stalking them, uh reading them for a while:

*I'm half-way through the latest Miss Julia book.  Miss Julia Renews her vows.  I love Miss Julia and I wish I had a Miss Julia in my life... if you want a book series that will first tug you heart, then expand it, and make you laugh and smile,check out the Miss Julia series by Ann B. Ross

  • It's standardized testing week.  It might just kill me this year. I'll have to devote a whole post to my sad, sorry tale. 

*Cadbury caramel eggs: better than the original, which is just too sugary for me.  I've got one more hidden in the cup cabinet.  :)

*It's homeschool catalog season.  I am in the midst of serious curriculum lust/ennui.  I think it might help if I make a list of the subjects I wish to cover and the materials I would like to use for each.  -it might help the overwhelmed feeling I have...

*Gas prices in So. Ca are going to kill us.  It's $4.18 a gallon here, at the cheapest places.  It has affected our driving habits, and it has eaten up all the savings we gained last month by dropping some of the kid's activities. 

*I cut our first head of lettuce this evening for dinner.  There is something very satisfying in that.

Hope you are having a great week, bloggy friends :)