7 Quick Takes, April 24

I forgot it was the annual home & garden tour for our neighborhood last weekend. It made trying to drive out and in, very interesting and slow.  Envision hordes of people walking slowly all over.  One street is closed off for vendors.  I've never actually toured any of the homes, you have to buy tickets.

We had Spring Break this week.  Unfortunately, the whole week was cool and overcast.  We even had rain!  Not the weather for the beach-going I had planned.  Instead, we headed out to the Irvine Spectrum, rode the giant Ferris Wheel and then hung out at Barnes & Nobles..naturally!

Josie has branched out into wood-burning.  She drew this dragon on paper first, then transferred it to this piece of wood Sky cut out for her.  Sky then taught her how to use this wood-burning tool.  She is learning as she goes.

I made stuffed bell peppers ( like this recipe, but with chopped up bell pepper from the tops in the meat plus garlic & cheddar cheese instead of american)for dinner this week.  It's a memory I have from childhood, I remembered it as being pretty yummy.  True to my childhood memories, my children only ate the stuffing and ignored the bell pepper.  I think next time I will make the peppers only for Sky and I and just pile the kid's stuffing around them..less waste.
I've decided to buy Switched on Schoolhouse next year for Science for the littles and High School Health for Meg.  I'm having a hard time clicking the 'buy' button though. Their materials are 20% off during April.

On Thursday, we went to the swanky bowling alley nearby and I treated the kids to the lunch and bowl deal.  They had a yummy lunch and bowled 1 game.  Lots of fun!
And last, I have to leave you with the original Veggie Tales "The Bunny Song"..because it is what we think as we eat chocolate bunnies.  For any parents who want to make the screaming smiley face after hearing it..there is a new and improved version, too!

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