L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge *This Moment -Winners!

Thank you for joining up with the L.E.N.S. Challenge this week.  Every week I have a difficult time choosing just two photos- this week it was really tough to choose.  (that's why I pick two winners, I couldn't ever just pick one..)

Here are the two photos that just grabbed me this week:

1)  Our Peculiar Lives

a heartwarming sight, as a parent :)  Wonderful moment to capture!

2) Madder in Mada

Robin had several wonderful shots in this post, I had a hard time choosing just one.  I also asked myself if it was his superior photography skills that made his photos so vibrant, or his drool-worthy camera?  I concluded it was his skill.  I've learned that having a fancy camera doesn't help you much when you cannot use all its features! 

Thank you everyone for joining up!  Come back on Saturday when the theme will be:

Mom in the Middle 
(or for the guys- Photographer in the middle) I just love the alliteration...