Knights & Medieval history- learning without school

We are wrapping up our study of knights and the Medieval age with Sonlight's Core 2 World History.  I love Sonlight, and it is really working with my 8th and 10th graders...but lately, with my 3rd and 5th graders- we are just not feeling the love with the Usborne Book of World History and the Usborne Time Traveler.  They are interesting books, don't get me wrong...but they are difficult for reading out-loud, the kids lose interest.  They are nice for the individual kids to sit with and read, but they are just not working for our group learning.

I perused the shelves at our town library, and came home with 
"The Magic Tree House research guide-Knights and Castles"  We are reading these instead and using them to jump off into research/study areas.  I am planning to end with a video on Castles.
I love Sonlight because everything I need is on my shelf, and it is all scheduled- but I have mentioned before that I am a worksheet girl.  I ended up making my own worksheet for the Feudal System (as soon as I can get it scanned in, I will link to it here for anyone interested) And then, joy of joy- I stumbled onto a site called Homeschool Share.
I am all over the internet looking for worksheets and learning ideas, I do not know how I ever missed this site.  It is a mostly lapbooking-unit study site, but you don't necessarily have to make a lapbook. I am using some of their pages just as worksheets to re-enforce our learning.  Loving it!
the lapbook material for Level 2 Knights are all found here * level two knights templates
So far, we have used:
  • What happened next cards
  • the life of a knight tab book
  • Where did knights live?
  • design a shield
  • Kn in Knight phonics add-on
**We used the What happened next cards as a time-line, instead of putting them into a pocket.
We are using:
  • Protecting the castle
  • Code of Chivalry
  • Bible verse cards
  • Vocabulary cards
lots of learning and's what a life learning without school is all about :)