7 Quick Takes Friday, November 12

 A bit of a more relaxed week for me, mostly because we are no longer walking the horse. Sad for Meg, but a relief for me.
I have been going at such a crazy pace, that we didn't have time to visit any places, do anything fun and spontaneous.  We were having a great homeschool day Tuesday, so I took the kids out to Old Town to run errands and walk around.

We went to the violin shop, which is in a delightfully old house near the shopping circle.  Then, we visited the library :)  Here are Teddy and Demi goofing off, doing what they do best...!

Next, we visited the yogurt shop.
Here's the view from the yogurt shop.  I liked the pink dots on the window.  
We also stopped by a martial arts studio- I'm still on a quest to stop the fight club going on in my house.  I think we are going to sign both Teddi and Demi up for classes.
Meg has to come up with a Science fair project.  This is soo not my area...the one and only time I had to do one, my project was pretty lame, and was just to get a grade. (and I had no parental or teacher help) So far we've looked into measuring the torque of venus fly traps (I though this was right up Sky's alley, but he seemed concerned with measuring torque with a rubber band...) 
to learning if gold fish have memories,
to exploring anti-lock breaks.  My head already hurts....

we almost canceled our cable... HGTV was suddenly gone from our line-up, and it's the only channel we watch! We dvr a couple of things, but HGTV is the only channel we ever just turn on.  After not having t.v. for several years, it wasn't a hard decision to make...just a little inconvenient...but, happy to report that the channel re-appeared a few days later.  If only we could buy channels a la carte, we only watch a few things, all those channels are just wasted on us...

I just re-read Harry Potter #7, in preparation for the new movie  NOVEMBER 19th!!  I had forgotten so much!  The last book is really a top read, so many thrilling moments, and so many deep moments.  Did you cry when Harry asked his mom if it would hurt?....I blubbered, good thing I was at home...
I've got chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot, I hope you have a happy Friday, intenet friends!
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