Homeschool reality check

So, here's where things stood the day before we were to start back to homeschool.

Lovely, eh?

It's much better now, the shelves are all organized on the bookshelf, but I must admit that the closet looks the same. miraculous before and after pics!

We've had a really good week and a half back. I feel torn out of my comfort zone, though, so many new activities- I am driving around much more taking kids to classes. I really don't know if I am coming or going. Ironically, even if I hadn't been grounded from blogging during the day- I wouldn't be, because I have been so very busy.

Meg is playing in a local community college orchestra, the nice surprise- plus to this- is that she will be getting college credit! It was very strange to be trolling the college parking lot, looking for a parking space between classes...It was hard to believe that it has been 18 years or so since I had last done that.

She is also taking two classes with a homeschool program run by a local Christian University- it's called the Biola Star Program. This year she will be taking Literature and Composition Class and Physical Science Class. I had to order most of her books from the college bookstore. This brought on a nervous/annoyed tick. I remember those. I remember paying $100 for a text book, then selling it back for $20 and seeing them re-sell it for $70. Major starving student angst there...except now I am the starving parent...!

Through the wonders of modern internet abilities- I price compared, and the markup was not that bad, so I ordered mostly from the college bookstore and then I ordered all her Lit novels from Barnes & Nobels, *because- ahem, we are there so much we practically live there, so I try to give them my business as much as I can.

Josie has moved up to the next sabre class level, she now attends twice a week. It's a good 20 minute drive each way with no traffic.

Art classes start back up in a week. I am currently looking for a martial arts class for the boy- that the charter school will pay for..and it has to be not too costly, because the charter school will only pay part of the fee..kind of complicated, this charter school. Anyhoo- I mention this because in the mean time, we have some kind of homeschool boys fight club going on in my son's room. This was all fueled by the new karate kids movie...

we definitely need to move on this and get fight club out of my house before someone gets hurt.

This does, make me think of this spoof- because my mind runs on non-congruent lines...

So, internets, how is back to school going for you?