Back to homeschool 2010

My plans are not set in stone yet, but here is how our homeschool is shaping up for the 2010-2011 school year:

Amie age 8- She will be using; Explode the Code books 5-7, Headsprout Reading Comprehension program (online) finish up Math U See beta level and start gamma level. Flash kids Writing workbooks-finish grade 2 and then onto grade 3. Sonlight Language Arts 2 intermediate- reading schedule. MCT Grammar Island with Demi
art class, piano study, skate-boarding, marital arts class

Teddy age 10- (auditory processing disorder student) Explode the Code books 3-6.
Finish Math U See Gamma level and move to Delta level. Finish Flash kids Math 4 workbook and move to Math 5. Sonlight LA 2-regular reading schedule.
Soccer, skate-boarding

Demi-Sky age 10- Finish Math U See Gamma level and move to Delta level. Finish Flash kids Math 4 workbook and move to Flash kids Math 5. Flash kids writing workbook grade 4 then onto grade 5. Sonlight Language Arts 2-advanced reading schedule.
MCT Grammar Island with Amie
Art class, piano study, skate-boarding, martial arts class

All 3 youngest students will use together: Abeka handwriting (cursive), Wordly Wise book A,B. (Vocabulary) Spelling workout workbook, Growing with Grammar bk 2 (maybe). Sonlight History Core 2- finish and then begin Core 3. (we started Core 2 in Winter last school year).
Apologia Science-Exploring Creation through Astronomy plus notebook, A Child's Geography by Ann Voskamp, Writing with Ease level 2 by Susan Wise Baur

Josie age 13- MCT  Grammar Voyage, Caesar's English, Paragraph Town, Practice Town, Story of the World vol. 3 plus activity book and various historical fiction tied to this History period

Spelling workout , Mosdos Press Literature Pearl level finish Math U See Epsilon, then
move to Zeta level, Abeka health reader, Little Women literature study. Apologia exploring creation through Astronomy, Prentice Hall Science Workbook grade 8, Writing With Ease vol. 4
Piano music study, Fencing, Tennis, Story club for creative writing, art class, Martial arts

Meg age 15: high school sophomore- Algebra 1 -Math U See (we tried Chalkdust and switched back to Math U See)
Sonlight History Core 120 -American History/Geography
Rosetta Stone Russian, Russian Face to Face textbook and workbook
General Literature and Composition at the Biola Star program
Physical Science at the Biola Star program
Violin study and orchestra, art class, Irish dance, horse riding/working at stable

I am sure I am forgetting something, and it's a work in progress. I will be deciding on exact levels as I go through the ordering process. How about you, are you ready for back-to-school?

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