L.E.N.S. WINNERS! -nature is my classroom

Wow, this week was a hard one to choose the winners- well, all the weeks have been a little hard, but this week it was very difficult to just choose 2 winning photos. Sure, technical and/or artistic skill grabs me, but beyond that- a great display of the theme also grabs me. We had so many entries that just shouted "nature is my classroom" even if technically not an incredible shot...

Here are the winners for this week!

1. Melissa at Missionary Mama. Beyond this shot at the beach being beautiful in composition and beauty, I love, love the intense concentration on this little one's face as he considers nature.

2. Lizzie at A Work in Progress. oh how I love the different, beautiful shades of green, and the two children sharing together about something out there.

Congratulations! I hope you will all come back and play next week!

The theme/challenge for this Saturday will be "Summer"

We are heading into summer, for many this is the end of the school year, or for many homeschoolers, a break time or the change into a lighter study load. Catch a shot that either yells "summer!" to you..or reflects the change in learning routines.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!