Homeschool Village- "Refreshed" week


I am joining up with the Homeschool Village, and the question this week is:

What do you - homeschool mom - do to get refreshed for the next school year?

I'm going to confess, that as the forever planning-challenged homeschool mom- in the past I haven't done much of anything to refresh for the next school year. We school year round, but the summer months are always lighter in load, usually just math and reading. I don't plan specific time off-except for during our week-long Bible conference, so I don't really feel refreshed...much.

This summer, I am going to sit down and plan a second full week off- not a happenstance week off, where we get up late and putter and it ends up being days off by default...but a planned week off, to relax, recoup and have some fun. I am also going to plan to do something "summer-ish" each week with the kids, either hitting the beach, or the pool, or something like that.

Being a homeschool mom who fails to plan much...I do want to take time at the end of the summer to plan, organize and clean. Having a plan, feeling in control of my homeschool domain, will make me feel refreshed for the new year.
How about you? Do you have plans to refresh yourself for a new school year-be it at home or at a school-school?

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