Casual Blogger Conference 2010- my continued report

At the CBC10 conference, I think I took the most notes at the talk on SEO by Sarah Kimmel of

I actually took a few pages of I'll just report back on a few points that really jumped out at me:

  • use google's keyword tool for adwords to see how simple changes in your wording can make huge differences in traffic.
  • always chose to open a link in a new window, do not send people away from your site.
  • make sure your keywords are relevent and popular
  • when hyperlinking, never use the words "this post' or "here" ( um yeah, guilty...)
  • get and use a google webmaster account

she went through a list of "worst practices" here are a few;

  • don't have primary navigation that requires flash/java
  • don't use mostly or all images with no text
  • don't target too many keywords
  • don't participate in link farms.

Jaime Chase presented on Product review, here are a few top things I wrote down...I see I was pretty note-heavy with this discussion, too;

  • Have a media kit
  • use images and or video of product, or you using the product
  • a buyer description of who the product is for, how to use it
  • have a call to action- where to find it, a giveaway...
  • be descriptive in your review, do not be vague

The Casual Blogger Conference was all about learning how to do to blog better, how to use and take better photographs, how to find your voice. It was also about connecting to other bloggers- the social part of the conference was the life of the conference, really. Thursday night we had a girl's night out event- it was a great way to mix and meet, I met several bloggers finally in person, and also met many new friends. Friday night's social included a concert..frankly, as an introvert, I was a little fried by Friday night. So, I headed back to my room after dinner with the Blog Frog team and..what else, ...blogged, talked to Sky on the phone and recharged.

to be cont...