CBC '10, why I read C Jane

I've been sharing a bit about my experiences at
CBC '10- The Casual Blogger Conference.
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The closing session ended with Courtney Kendrick -aka*CJane speaking.
I am a big fan of her blog C Jane Enjoy it- I enjoy her writing style, her sense of humor and her spunk. Lately, I've been loving her spunk. I am not a spunky person mostly-I'm pretty quiet...I have to say that I admire Courtney's spunk/joy of living, her huge personality (she just sparkles with personality) but,most of all, I admire how she seems to forget about herself and just have fun- and makes sure others are having fun. Click over to see a video on her blog that illustrates what I mean about her spunk/personality **CJane sings Christmas song

I started reading CJane because I heard about her sister and the accident, I remain a reader of CJane, because I love words- and beside being funny and quirky, she makes art with words.

This post- "Unrequited"

...As I watch Gigs follow Lucy around, insisting that all her attention belongs to himself, I am more convinced of my personal theory about having sons. A boy needs to be constantly in love. ....Of course I am finding out that the other part of my theory is that the mother falls just as hard for her son....

-which she read aloud to us, -had me crying at CBC10 - and missing my boy.
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go read it, I promise it's worth it.

Janae, C Jane, me-CBC'10