7 Quick Takes Friday, the after camping edition

We went camping a week ago ,or so. I hate camping. We've hit on a happy compromise, we go to a timeshare first for a few days, then go tent camping for 2 days. Marriage is all about making
your spouse happy.

We stayed in Solvang for a few days. It's this cute Dutch town in California. Very pretty, lots of shops, lots of snacks.

we are all about the aebleskivers, dessert of Vikings! maybe. but good.

we visited an ostrich farm. They had emus, too. More about this later, I promise.

Solvang is a tourist town, it's small and everything closes early. We caved, and drove into
Santa Barbara to find the Barnes & Noble for an evening.
Or two. Click over here* for a visual example of what I mean.

We got home, to a doodle-dog who missed us very much. I washed our coats, our pillowcases and our towels, which all smelled like smoke. Then my washer broke.

It was very, very windy the first day at Lake Cachuma. We set up camp, the kids played, we took a walk to the lake, had a very windy dinner....and then drove into Santa Barbara to hang out at Barnes & Nobles where it was warmer and no wind, and internet-people! We came back late and had smores and crawled into our cold, cold sleeping bags.
Sky had mercy on me and let us go home the next morning.
I heart my husband!

um, it was very windy, trying to set this up...and we lent it out, and behold, the instructions were missing! I did not fear tho, because Sky is mr. civil engineer-man, and can figure anything out, given enough time. He did!

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