Top 4 computer things a blogger does every morning

My morning computer ritual-
Top 4 things to do every morning

Well first, before I start the techno-list with cool numbered bullet points, I have to ruin it and ramble on with my pre-list, list.

First, I make myself some oatmeal with fresh fruit, brown sugar and rice milk. It has to be the old-fashioned kind, because it's better some-how... oh, and a diet coke, of course.

Breakfast of Champions!

After this is accomplished, and my kids are either fed their breakfast (the littles) or I've checked that the olders are not going to have chips and cheese or cookies for breakfast (yes, really- I do have to step in and stop that sort of thing) then I begin my computer routine. Ideally, this is after I've had my morning walk and read my, ideally...

  1. check email. my email currently has 167 items in it. This causes Sky's face to twitch everytime he sees it. It is pathetic, that is why I got a brand new email account and I am starting over. Seems like a good plan. maybe. Note: checking it doesn't usually mean I actually answer it-
  2. check my sitemeter to see what is going on with the blawg. It's pathetic, but makes me happy.
  3. check the blog. Then visit back all the faces I see on my blogfrog widget, and answer comments/visit back. or make a note to answer comments...soon.
  4. check twitter. This is a new habit for me, it has replaced check facebook. Facebook, you have been demoted to a more passive role in my life. Right now, I heart twitter! I see what the tweeps are up too, reply to some, check out any interesting links or contests, do a few re-tweets.

And that folks, is all I have time for...then I have to get moving so I can go educate the kids.

oh, yes, That.

and then at our mid-morning break, I check twitter again. It's addicting.
twit, uh tweet!

How about you, bloggy friends? What are your must-do's when you turn on the computer?