Links for SUN-day!

  • First, I want to tell you about Project: In My Daughter's Eyes, which is an endeavor by my friend Janae of Pink Moss. Here is how Janae described her new project;

"In My Daughter's Eyes is an idea I had to ask women to write a letter to their 12 year old self, giving advice on what true beauty and happiness means to them. I didn't give many guidelines because I wanted the letters to be unique, just like the women that wrote them...

.... I am dedicating this project to my daughters, but somehow I have already grown so much. In three weeks, my eyes have been opened to how women view themselves. The ladies that shared their stories have all been through the same kinds of struggles as my girls and somehow they made it.

... I hope that in writing these letters, these women have found a piece of themselves that maybe they didn't know they had. Hopefully they began to rediscover the greatness they already have within. "

Please go on over, it's a lovely website- go over, to be encouraged, uplifted and moved- and maybe to see what you could contribute.

  • Last, The Swagger Wagon (hat tip to The Williams Family blog) -we only watch stuff on dvr or dvd, so I miss all the commercials, this is a hoot...

why yes, I do have a mini-van...just not this cool :)