Sunday links for a May afternoon

Today I had a French Chef cooking in my kitchen. This is our amazing friend, Philippe Antoine.
Yes, he is French- he has this great French accent, and yes, he is a chef. And, when he cooks for you, he does his French talk..and it makes everything sound good. Even if I don't understand some of the words.
Even if.

This man could set raw tuna before me, and I'd eat it. Actually, he did once...and I ate it. It was some kind of tuna/mango/tomato thing. I do not do sushi, but I ate the raw tuna.
Only because Philippe made it, and I knew it would be good.

We had a full kitchen, watching him do his magic. All family and friends.

Here he is, putting the finishing touches on banana foster, which is done flambe style.
Oh yeah.
It has real Madagascar vanilla beans from the pod in it, people!!!


this is the one dessert that frequents my dreams.
oh yeah.

be on the lookout for short cooking videos by Philippe...I'll link up for sure when they are ready.

Now, on to the links for Sunday!