Friday Quick Takes on Saturday April 3

We were off for Spring Break last week here at Home. We started off with a bang, and went to the local bagel shop for breakfast. They have a student discount deal on Mondays, but Teddy's tutor is here on Monday mornings so we don't get to partake of this delight.
This Monday, we did. :)

We had some big plans to hit the beach this Spring Break, but then a bunch of clouds rolled in and threatened rain, so no beach. It threatened on Tuesday and Wednesday and then rained Wednesday night. Bummer.

We did manage two Barnes & Nobles runs, so all was not lost this week. Then again, we are often found at Barnes & Nobles, so maybe it wasn't that special.
But- I didn't make them all share hot chocolate, so yes, it was special.

Josie was hooked up to the electronic scoring board for saber (fencing) class. I've been calling it electric saber, but I really don't know what you call it, it just sounds more exciting that way. Not as dangerous as it sounds...the board just scores hits. It did not look like this photo here,
*Tim Moorehouse cool fencing pic of the day...but wouldn't that be cool if it did?

Emma the labradoodle had her 1 year birthday on April's fools day. She is an April Fools puppy.
..Baby, baby, so glad that you are mine!!!

sickness in the house, Demi is on the nebulizer for asthma and I've got something too. Sore throat, sinus headache and that tickly-bronchitis type cough. There goes my big plans to do some major Spring Cleaning and homeschool organizing/planning this week...
okay, who am I kidding, I wouldn't have done it anyway! I just have a legit excuse.

I think I am finally getting's kind of cool.

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