7 Quick Takes Friday, March 12

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We've started hosting the Bible college boys over on Sunday nights for dinner. Our house has been way too quiet on Sunday nights, we are glad to have them back!


Date night, we ate at a new place (we are creatures of habit and rotate through 4 places usually), so- at this new place for dinner, we were served our diet cokes in mason jars! Happy Thought!
I decided I need to do this at my house. :)


I need to stay away from scones at Starbucks.


Amie & Demi had a win at hockey this week. This was their team's 2nd win of the season, this season they had a lot of beginner players. It was a very close/exciting game. Because they won, they now get to play in the playoffs. I am talking beginners- the first few games, we would watch as random players would just fall down. Standing still...just fall, and then another...! We cheered and laughed in equal measure.


I've been looking at business cards to take for the casual blogger conference. This is very hard. I have expensive/picky taste, and cannot justify it on a hobby-thing...It's just hard, I love creative/pretty/hand-made things...


Took the kids to the park today for some physical education. Beautiful day, perfect for an afternoon at the park. The physical part looked like this...(see above)

and this (see below)

we had dog relay teams. The kids and the dog got exercised. Evidence: 1 tired pooch laying at my feet. The kids ran in teams and/or solo..the dog ran every time.
I've been told a tired dog is a good dog.


My curricula-lust is a re-occurring thorn in my flesh... I stumbled upon a new online curriculum program from Alpha Omega called Monarch, and then just go in for the kill- the print catalog arrived in my mailbox this week. I've read it cover to cover twice already. Somebody help me!
So, here's what I'm thinking...Bible and health for Meg and Josie and then maybe the lifepac Bible for the littles and maybe Grammar, because Teddy has the whole auditory processing disorder thing going, he would do better with colorful printed things...Still thinking.
it's a sickness for me.

Have a great weekend, blog-friends!