Sunday Night linky stuff

Stayed home today from church meeting with one sick little boy. Nothing worse than a bad fever and tiredness...but of course we weren't going to share!

I made homemade pizza for dinner, and now we are all relaxing; Demi lounging on the couch; Sky, Meg, Josie and Amie are playing settlers of cataan. Mom is on the computer.

Here's some Sunday night link fun:

  • Settlers of Catan board game. It's an addiction here at our house. Lots of fun.
  • Nannygoat blog: very talented/creative/crafty blog. You'll get lost looking around, and you'll get inspired to do something crafty.
  • Organize you web-surfing and homeschool with Evernote at Heart of Wisdom Blog
  • The Trouble with Boys, book I just picked up at the bookstore, it looks very thought-provoking. I am teaching two boys, and I care for their healthy intellectual growth- I think reading to grow our own outlook is essential.