Sunday night link fun

First, you have to check out the twillypop store on Etsy. Incredibly pretty and creative ribbon necklaces. I want one. Or two. Or three.

Do you know Etsy? You should go check out Etsy. It's a market place of small Artisans. I recently ordered a super hero cape (for my nephew) from a seller on Etsy. Wonderful!

Organize your web surfing with Evernote, over at heart of Wisdom blog. I've been thinking about trying Evernote for a while. It's free! That is the most compelling reason. It works with different platforms (even Mac) and you can use it on your phone, too. Maybe I could stop forgetting things. Maybe.

NEA puts power ahead of kids- over at Spunkyhomeschool. Quotes and video of NEA's General Counsel saying this at his retirement speech. Old news for homeschool parents, but this may be surprising to some.