7 Quick Takes Friday, Feb. 5


The tulip magnolia trees are in bloom right now in our neighborhood. I adore these trees, I can't think of many trees or bushes prettier than these. Sky won't plant one for me, because they are in bloom for a short time, the rest of the year, they are just "there". Those beautiful petals litter the ground, too. It's beautiful litter, I think. I have to be content with feasting my eyes on the two across the street. And taking lots of photos. Lots.


My new blog design is finished!! I loooove it. I'm in love with it. I dream about it at night. I love it better than my luggage. (name that movie line!) I was very limited with my old html template, my new, beautiful design promises to be much easier to mess, uh..work with. I'm still tweaking links and 'best of' pages and my links within hasn't shown up yet...but it's almost there.
Like it? Want a beautiful site? Go ask Krystyn at Krizzy Designs.


my learning records were finished for the month, and I met with the credentialed teacher from the charter school who looks over our work. Whew! Done!

We took Emma the Wonder Labradoodle to the dog beach for the first time. We went with our neighbors, and their dog Bijou, who is Emma's BFF. Can a dog revel in happiness? Can you tell? I think Emma did, and yes, we could. On our way out to the parking lot, I got such a kick out of this business. Busy working long hours?...No problem, sign your doggy friend up for a field-trip to the beach!! I can't judge it, cus I would totally do it, if I worked away from home. Doggy day care..yeah, I'd probably do that, too. (shhh, don't tell Sky...)


We have a mystery illness making the rounds through our children. Demi-Sky was first, a high fever and lethargy. Nothing worse. Kind of nice, wish only that it would have struck all my children and the children of the neighborhood at the same time! As it is, we have them succumbing one at a time, leaving the rest to run, yell and decimate my front room with playmobil sets. After Demi, it seemed to travel across the street to the homeschooled neighbor kids, then came back to my house for Josie. Next day, it was Amie's turn, then Teddy, now Meg has it. This is the first virus Demi has had with no asthma. Yay!!!


Today I called out to Sky in the backyard to let the hens out. We've discovered that labradoodle and hens do not mix well. We've settled into a routine of having them take 'shifts' for backyard time. I was attempting a shift. I locked the doggy-door after calling out to Sky. I missed the small detail that Emma was actually in the backyard at that moment. Sky must have missed this too, because he let the hens out. Much cackling and flying of feather insued.
No one was hurt. Emma thought it bully-fun.! The hens, not so much. They went back to the hen-house and refused to come back out.


did I mention my new bloggy make-over?


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