a mom-approved juice box -product review

If you are like me, you spend too many minutes in the juice aisle, scanning the labels for the 100% Juice label...ignoring the deceptive "100% Natural" labels. We only pack a lunch once a week or so, but when we do, I want it to be mostly healthy. Mostly.

I stumbled upon this fruit & VEGETABLE box line at the store, the label on the front that said, "1/3 less sugar" caught my eye. Yes, that's right, these have vegetable juice in them, pure fruit and vegetable juices with no added sugars, preservatives or artificial colors.

I read the ingredient list, and saw apple, pear, purple carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, tomato among others listed.
-Yes, you read it...carrot and tomato juice.

I purchased them, living wild and living my dream of being healthy mom. Once home, I began to have my doubts, would my kids drink them? I hate tomato juice. I know it's healthy, but I've always hated it. I don't like carrot juice, either. I decided to try them myself, so I could deflect the sure to come wailing before it began. I could at least say, "come on, it's not that bad"...once I had, indeed, tried one.

I was very surprised that it tasted great, it was sweet, I don't think a child would detect the veggies if they didn't know.
Look for Apple & Eve Fruitables fruit & Vegetable juice beverage on your juicebox aisle. We tried the strawberry kiwi and the citrus flavors. I found these at Albertson's... a definite hit at our house, and I went back and bought more.
5 stars out of 5 stars
(this is a totally spontaneous and unsolicited review, because you know, I'm watching out for my bloggy friends :)