Sunday links, shopping & diet edition

I wish I had that kind of external motivation right now, because it's certainly not coming from within. I'm conflicted- I know I need to do this. I mean, I don't want to have a heart attack, and a stroke would totally mess up my smile, and yet I can't get past the idea of not eating what I'd like.

-Jen Lancaster, "Such a pretty fat"

She has such a way with words...and I so agree... If you haven't read Jen Lancaster, she totally rocks, but is not for the faint-of-heart as far as language goes. You'll laugh 10 lbs off.

Yes, it's that season...back away slowly from the pumpkin pie, put down the cookie...

Anyone else feeling the need to exercise? Anyone see the comic and/or futility of trying to quickly diet between holidays?

Speaking of the holiday season, here are a few favorite catalogs for gift-giving;

Chinaberry catalog- love, love this catalog. Best of the best picks for children and adults, the catalog gives great reviews on books, and they also carry audio books, music, games and gifts.

HearthSong catalog - a must if you are shopping for kids. Games, dress-ups, art activities and more.

Mindware catalog - games for the thoughtful child. You'll find interesting games you won't see on the shelves at Target or Walmart

Signals - sweet and quirky gifts. You might find something for that hard to buy for person.

have a blessed Sunday!