A Stolen Life- book review

A Stolen Life -by Jane Louise Curry is written for kids ages 10 to 14. It's a well-written historical novel with engaging characters, lots of action and some suspense.

Jamesina Mackenzie, lively, educated, living in her clan's highland homelands of Scotland is kidnapped by "spiriters' , taken on the ship Sparrowhawk to be sold as bond slave in America. The book takes you from the clan life of Scotland to an ocean crossing and then to southern plantation life, even to a Cherokee village. This pre-revolution story is historically accurate, giving readers a look at the indentured servant system as well as the slave trade. Jamesina's sorrow and helplessness as an unwilling indentured servant is profound, she is very likeable, resourceful and in the end- couragous. The very happy ending, with her surprise re-uniting with her brothers in a Scottish regiment is a little contrived, but it's the ending you really want, so it works.

A really good read for kids looking for a little bit of suspense, and the historical facts tucked in makes it a little bit educational, too. There are many subjects touched upon in this novel that would make for very good parent/child or group conversation.