the home crew cones the dog in 10 easy steps

There is more than one way to cone a dog...or fit a dog with an e-collar, the more precise term...

Are you eager to begin? Emma was not, either....

How to cone the dog in 10 steps. Notice I did not say 'easy', that will all depend...

1. gather your supplies.

A) dog in need of a cone B) the cone of shame or e-collar C) the magic

2. bring out the magic (a delicious people food treat she rarely our case, it was small pieces of hot dogs)

3. bring out the cone of shame, let her sniff it. Put cone of shame on one of your kids (just hold it there, no need to fasten it) let dog sniff kid and cone. Put cone around your dog's favorite person, let dog sniff. Praise dog the whole time and share a few pieces of magic.

3. place cone of shame on doggy's bed, let her sniff it, praise and treat.

5. put leash on your dog just in case

6. ask dog to sit, and have someone stand behind dog so she cannot back up

7. praise and treat, place cone of shame around doggy, praise and treat very liberally.

8. give some more treats

9. don't do this in the middle of the night, it scares them. ask me how I know...

10. place mushed up towels under food and water bowls so they are tipped at an angle so the dog can use them with the cone on.