Summer end-Homeschool begins

We started our homeschool year August 24th, so we just ended our second week of the new homeschool year. It's been good, though on the light side so far. We eased into the year with just the basics for the youngest 3, giving them time to adjust to being back, and giving me time to deal with not only schooling a new year, but also to having Meg in a new umbrella school program for high school, and all the prep time/meetings I've had to do to tutor in our new Classical group. Planning is my weekness, so actually this weekend I am putting the finishing touches on the subjects we need to add on, such as spelling and writing notebooks.
Our summer was such a full one! I cannot believe all we did, and the places we traveled to.
Here we are in front of the Mayflower II !!
Josie attended a week long Tennis camp near our house. In our neighborhood, actually. I appreciated the short drive time!

The only kind of driving Meg will be doing for a few years...!
We have a tradition of going to the county fair every year. It's getting more expensive as the kids get older...I miss the days when I could pack them all a p&b sandwich and a few juice boxes and maybe buy one special treat...and then let them ride the ponies and go on the big slide and they were in heaven! Now they want to go on ALL the rides. And they eat. alot.

here's a look at what we did in homeschool these 2 weeks:

Teddy, Demi & Amie (The Littles...)

cursive handwriting sheets
number writing sheets
reading (Sonlight Core 2 regular for Amie, 2 advanced for Rand, and Core 1 for Teddy)
Classical Group work- lots of memory work (timeline, Bible verses, geography, science, multiplication facts, and more!)

Meg and Josie

English grammar
Core 6 History/literature/geography (Meg started in the Summer, Josie just started...Meg will complete both Core 6 and 7 this school year, Josie will do Core 6 at a normal pace)
Classical Group work for Josie which will include English grammar and writing.

Meg will start General High School Science in a week at the umbrella school, and also yearbook and photography.

we have piano going for Amie, Demi and Josie, Violin and Orchestra for Meg, Irish dance for Meg, Demi is starting roller hockey, and the youngest 3 start art next week.

whew, I'm tired already!

I'm waiting to set up a perfect routine, if there ever is such a thing...before I do a more indepth post on what we are using and how we use it.

Happy schooling everyone!