Education a happening 'round here...

We have so much going on here at Home, bloggy friends...Back- to- Homeschool this year has been the busiest ever for our crew!

I am struggling with how to be prepared for our classical group, because frankly, my normal operating procedure of cram the night before is just um... Tiring! Exhuasting! Making me cranky! Even with the material pre-planned it still takes time to find extras for art - it seems like the prep for that in our manual is really lacking, time to print up maps for geography, extra visuals I might need, and it takes time to gather everything up and pack it up to take with me.
(But I am loving our group, and I am so excited and pleased at what my kids are memorizing!)

Meg had her very first day taking High School classes at the Private Homeschool group. She was so excited and nervous, and I was feeling both those emotions for her. I drove her over there today for General Science (they are using Apologia...and Curricula junkie that I am, I am so excited she is getting to use this!) She got to stay for lunch and study hall and then for photography class. She didn't know anyone there, but the kids were all very nice, and several made it a point to go over and sit with her when they saw her sitting by herself at lunch and study hall.
Yay homeschoolers!!

I am struggling to fit in everything we need to do each day, and I don't even have everything yet!
I just placed our Sonlight Core 2 History order for the 3 littles, it will arrive in a few days and I don't know where I am going to put it!...I need to seriously clean my homeschool closet shelves..and I don't know how I am going to fit it into our day.

Teddy is still struggling with reading, we are adding in All about Spelling for the 3 littles for ah, Spelling!..but also to help with phonics...and yet I feel Teddy needs more. I think Explode the code might be the ticket, but gosh, most days it seems he is itching to bolt from the seat and ready to quit learning, adding more work for him is going to be hard.
I think the solution might be Explode the code online, it might go down a little easier than book work, and with his Auditory Processing disorder I've noticed that methods that deliver in more than one way, -visually, with sound, and having to choose or point and click- seem to have a better impact on him. HeadSprout phonics last year was spot on a great choice last year for him, I wish they had another program for older learners...

I thought I'd stop by the old blog and explain where I am and why I'm not blogging so much...

Look, I have apples!! We bought a tree that is supposed to produce apples in So. California, which has to be a special kind of tree, because we don't get the cold spells apple trees need to produce. The tree did not produce for a year, and then we moved it to a sunnier spot- and it is finally happy and I have apples!!! I am sooo happy! I love apple trees, and you just don't see them around these parts.

We had berries too! Again, have to be a special variety to grow here in So. Ca.

I hope back to school is going well for you all!

Happy Fall!!