Bird Dog

You might remember Emma-doodle, the wonder labradoodle... We approached getting a dog with much fear and trepidation...and somehow we ended up with a dog that is practically perfect in every way. I was half worried we would end up with a Marley.

She was practically perfect in every way, until this weekend when she realized her new large size could carry her through the garden fencing Sky put up to A) protect the garden from the hens and from Emma and B) to protect the hens from Emma.

Emma is a lover, not a fighter- and she has been very, very unsuccessful in convincing the cat to ever, ever play with her.

She's an optimist, and never gives up!

This weekend she decided the hens might make better play-mates...and she was partially right! They make a big show and hullabalu, and feathers fly everywhere...very, very exciting and amusing.

Me, I'm not amused so much.

today was spent trying to teach her to leave them alone.

I miss my quiet routine, we had a utopia here, I tell you,

a utopia. sniff. sob.