more Singapore

Here is a shot of the dream-land that is the buffet at Shangri-la hotel. Believe me, there was more, much more than the area I captured here.

on your right you have the sushi bar. Starlene's family is on the lower left, right in front of the desserts.

a strategic place to park ourselves, I'd say.

the waffle/crepe bar was around the corner from that, and then from there you would get lost in Indian food. I had yorkshire pudding for the first time! I have to admit I was disappointed, I thought it would be a bread pudding thing...not. Starlene gave me a cultural lesson on that, since her parents live in London.

I loved how green the trees were, and how green all the other tropical plants growing on the trees were.

can you see all the plants growing on the limbs? Click on the photo to make it bigger...

I told you I'd spare you the photos of trees...

I lied.


This tree was growing in the courtyard at the girl's school. I think Starlene said it was a camphor tree... see the vines growing on it?

This is a shot from the gym area at the private school the girl's attend.

I regret I didn't get more photos of the school. I always feel a little funny taking lots of photos at a place with lots of children...

The school was for international students. I was so impressed with how clean and well-kept the buildings and grounds were. It is really a nice school, nice set-up, nice teachers.

the view was pretty cool. The weather was not, tho. They had those mister/sprinklers around the patio here. I cannot imagine doing any kind of exercise beside swimming here. It was hot! And humid! The older kids were all out doing their sports thing. Amazing.

I saw people out running too. Amazing. I couldn't even imagine running in heat/humidity like that. I came back home with an appreciation for our weather in So. Ca.