It was all about friends and food

My trip to see my friend Starlene, just happened to work out right around her birthday. I was so glad I could be with her for her special day. I actually missed it by one day because of my unplanned stay in Japan. We went straight from the airport to Morton's Steakhouse for her birthday dinner. Morton's is a big treat, always very good and I always leave too stuffed for my own good! I couldn't get over how much her girls had grown since I last saw them, the summer past. Her oldest looked so mature, with her long hair in a braid...
They took me to this restaurant, called "Red Dot", which is named after the restaurant's home-brewed beer. It was on a great site, with a great view.
The place was magical, really. One of those moments when you are glad you have the privilege/ chance- to travel to places so far-out from your own. The weather that night was warm like a blanket, but not hot- with a breeze coming in. It was perfect.

Perfection that might move one to compose a sonnet, a beautiful piece of music or to paint a picture.

I did none of those things,

but I breathed a prayer of thanksgiving just for being there

and I sat.