Sonlight Language Arts 2- 3rd week

So, we are trucking along with Sonlight Language Arts 2. For week 3, the kids completed
a copywork passage from "The Beginner's Bible". The next day the notes directed me to explain compound sentences and conjunctions. We were directed to find the conjunction used in the copywork passage, and the two simple sentences that the conjunction connected.

My mind took a leap from there, and I put on "Schoolhouse Rock" so we could watch the song, "Conjunction Junction". ahh, childhood memories. The kids tried to ignore me as I heartily sang along...

We actually watched the song first, and then I got out my whiteboard and taught the lesson.
Like my train-cars?
Day 3 notes directed me to teach about dialog. The example in the notes- for the story of
"The three little pigs" was a good one, I thought. The assignment for that day was for the kids to write a few dialog sentences on their student activity sheet.

Day 5 was an assignment to write a longer dialog, 6 to 8 sentences. I gave some examples, and the kids took off writing. Sadly, (I think) all of their dialogs had much shooting in them.

The hands-down favorite was Teddy's, which ended somewhat this way...

"what was that?" asked the boy. "A horse just got shot" said his father.
"Steak tonight!".

..the last line, I am ashamed to admit, was mine. I was trying to teach him the importance of wrapping it up in a meaningful way.

It is a constant war here with trying to get creative writing out of them, vs. keeping things nice.

I am glad they are not in a school, the counselor would have called me by now...