Catch-up post

oh, my! So many things are a happening here! This is a catch-up post of sorts.

First, we have moved from the position of considering getting a dog, to that of having placed a deposit on a soon-to-be born Labradoodle puppy. I am mostly very, very excited...but also a little bit anxious and a little bit not looking forward to house-training.

I predict that Oliver will be very, "put out"...when our new family addition arrives. I feel sort of bad for his position of absolute ignorance of the future.

And, what will the girls think?? I am sure they will have much to discuss.

Next, we are wading through curriculum changes and planning. Meg is starting Highschool next year, I'm suddenly very awake to the fact that I need a plan...Looks like it will be Sonlight, now the chore is to figure out which cores and in which order.

We are also likely looking at leaving the homeschool charter school program for Meg for High school and possibly enrolling her into a private Christian umbrella group. The new group has been chosen for the wider social and academic opportunities Meg will enjoy.

We are re-evaluating the many outside enrichment activities Meg participates in, big discussions about these- and we are looking at some outside science classes through a University program.

It's just all getting a little tooo serious

Josie is about to start fencing.

The garden is coming along nicely, we are enjoying Spring here.