it's in the mail

Way back during Christmas week, we had a house-full of guests for a Bible conference...after they left, I was doing laundry, putting the house back in order...and I found a few items of clothes in Demi-Sky's closet, which was where we housed several college-aged guys. I also found a large winter coat. By it's largeness, we decided it must belong to our friend J...who could be on the brute squad, and the clothes must belong to E, also on the brute squad and fortunately, close regionally to J. We decided to mail the clothes.

It took many weeks for me to box them up, get an address, and to finally get down to the post office. Mission accomplished, finally...

We received this email in reply:

Hi [Sky], It was fun to see your names on the package of clothes - especially your family address sticker with all the gang. Hmmm. Now the mystery is ... I called E and he says that he isn't missing any clothes. My Investigation ---------------- The black n blue ski jacket has a Mt. Spokane lift ticket attached and Esays he's never been there. Well, this AM Shelley and I dug in the box and ... inside the jacket we found: 1) Alaska Air bag claims for: [Sky, Meg, and Josie] 2) a Dublin bus ticket receipt for 1.35 Euros dated Aug. 28, 2006 3) a card from the Pullman Police for [Sky]'s lost cell phone .. hey this brings back memories! 4) ticket stubs for Feb 12 2008 for the Pacific Science Center 5) a pair of black gloves Hey, I should join the FBI .. this is fun! Conclusions ----------- Conclusion 1: Isn't this [Sky]'s jacket? Conclusion 2: It must not get cold enough in sunny So. Cal. for you folks to break out clothing like this. Now what? Love to you all, Jamie
okay then

I did have one bright cerebral moment today...gotta claim what I can...

I had Meg and Josie cut apart all the magnetic tiles I had for All about Spelling. I had 3 sets to make, plus 3 sets of a brilliant moment I drafted the girls to finish this chore for me. And they were so good at it, too.

Finally, we can start our spelling program! -it's been sitting around for many weeks.