weather report

We are having some crazy weather here in Southern California! You won't believe it, but it was actually 90 degrees here in Orange County. We live in an area that experiences an event called "The Santa Ana winds", these winds are pretty blustery and blow in from the desert, bringing warm, dry air with them.

I have always lived here, so I am used to them...but as an adult I don't find them as fun as I did as a child. Now, I go to bed and listen to things bang around and worry. As a homeowner I worry about fences falling over and trees falling on my car or house. They pick up in intensity at night, making it hard to sleep.

They blow in for a few hours, then stop for a few hours, then pick up again. The hours in between are kind of nice, but strange.

Sky and the kids went bike riding to Barnes & Nobles on Sunday. It is so hard for my mind to wrap around the fact that much of the country is locked in snow right now...

Yesterday I took Josie to the Orange Circle for a bagel and to sit outside. It was actually too hot to sit in the sun... Here is one of my favorite buildings at the circle, it is a bank building and has a Starbucks inside, though I've never been inside...because there is another Starbucks across the street! Chapman college is down the street, hence the many coffee shops. The orange circle has been used in several movies, off the top of my head, "That thing you do" -my mil's favorite coffee shop from her youth was featured in it...and "First Daughter" had several scenes done here.

Stay warm bloggy friends!