very timely, indeed

Fridays I plan to work out of our health books, some Fridays I don't...(another hazard of being Jenn) But, mostly I do plan to tackle our health readers from Abeka.

This is a page from Health, Safety, & Manners reader 1- chosen because Amie is my new reader, Teddy is my struggling OPD reader, and Demi is coming along nicely-but not a prodigy reader.
I chose the grade 1 reader hoping I could have all 3 read portions out-loud..look, it's a reading lesson, too! (I love to multi-task when I can)

Friday was all about serendipity for me, because just the day before-I hauled Demi into the bathroom and initiated him into the rite of using the nail- brush

And, he was preparing to leave for his piano lesson and I didn't think I could subject his poor teacher to the state of his nails. I then got onto amazon and ordered him his own blue nail brush, so he wouldn't have to keep using mine. I ordered one for the girls, too.

Friday's lesson was just perfect, I couldn't have ordered a better one if I tried.

The next page is even better, it has 5 black & white nail brushes and they are supposed to color on in every day that they have clean nails.

I heart Abeka sometimes! (sigh)