Saturday rambling thoughts

Social-networking sites share breaking news - did you know that minutes after the US Airwaves crash this month into the Hudson river, a photo of the plane floating in the river was uploaded to twitter? We live in such an interesting, changing age; our ways of getting news and even socializing are being changed. I'm wondering readers, do you use social networking sites such as facebook and twitter? Do you think our generation is slower to jump onto new modes of communicating?
-And, do you view these social networking sites at the modern version of the watering hole...or as the beginning of societal demise?

I am a facebook loser over at Motherwise cracks

The blog of 'Unnecessary" Quotation marks - it just feeds "something" in my soul...ha!

Finally, we have finally joined the ranks of '24' viewers...and we finally understand what all the excitement is about. We started episode 1 this week, we are renting from netflix..and I have to say, we are addicted. Too many nights up late watching this, blogging friends...

And, no, I am not getting a 24 shirt...