Presidential colors

My nephew E asked his mom about why she had the t.v. on most of the morning. (He is 3). His mom went on to tell him about MLK, and the historic significance of our first African American being sworn in as President. It was too much information, and went over his head. You know that moment? You realize you are lecturing to yourself and the kids are looking at you glassy-eyed? Yeah, that moment...and yet you keep going, because you are already so invested in the conversation... So, his mom finishes -the big fanale is "So, we are so excited because anyone can become President someday, no matter what color their skin is!"

..and to her surprise E is very energized and goes running around the room. His big, joyful, arm-waving, jumping up and down declaration?...

"Mommy!! -I'm going to be the first ever RED President!! 'cause red is my favorite color!"

* * * * * *

-I found this blog account of a very young homeschool boy's thoughts on being- 'Presidential'- click on over, it is very sweet. Sigh, I wish I could take photos like this mom does..