around the house

We began the week before our week-long Bible conference with our house-guests arriving on staggered days. I took the home-school gang out for skate-board-park-day, which we wrapped up over at Border's bookstore.

House-guests Phillip from Boston and Erin from Oregon like to read, too- so it was all good, all around. Our bonus student, Teddy is front and right.

Christmas Eve found us at the ice-rink!

Here are Demi-Sky and Amie.

Sigh, the photo is a little blurry, still trying to learn how to use my new awesome camera...

Demi was the natural out on the ice, Amie was just plain determined, as usual!

Late night Inn & Out Burger run!!
It is after 10 p.m at least, when everyone returns from the meetings. We then all proceed (even the kids) to stay up too late talking, snacking, playing fooz-ball, facebook-booking. Our friends Jona and Paul determined that the nearest Inn & Out from their town in Washington State is roughly a 15 hour they had to get it all in before they left. Our house-guests, Jonah, Paul, Phillip, Jenna, Erin and Evan.

Meals were a big consideration, we had breakfast at 8 followed by a study time from 9 to 12...sometimes we would have extras for breakfast and study time. We would take a study break in-between, then resume and have lunch. Because we have to take a sack-dinner to the meeting, we reversed the big meal to lunch time and had sandwiches for dinner.

Here is sky working on the sandwiches
for everyone to take to the meeting.

Sky's Grandmother celebrated her 90th Birthday this month, and Sky's mom planned a surprise party for her. Here are all the relatives waiting in the front yard for Grandma to arrive. We are a big bunch!

The week was very jammed-packed for us!