Okay, first order of business...isn't my new camera awesome?! This is a shot I could not have captured with my old camera...the shutter was one of the delayed ones.

Did I tell you all that I looove my new Nikon D80? Thank you Sky!! is your New Year's so far? Have you broken any of your resolutions? All of them? Canceled some of them and made new ones?

I ignored all of mine for a few days, because as a Bridgette Jone's homeschool New Year didn't start until Monday- that would be January 5th. And, I have to confess that this is my second New Year's, because as a homeschool my mind my New Year is the new school year in the fall. So, for a procrastinator like myself, it works out rather well. I start my new year in the fall, and then in January I get a do-over!

Well, my exercise "intentions" are going well- I have been walking/running almost everyday, and to further my intention of taking my yoga practice to a 5 day practice, I signed up for a membership at a local yoga studio. It was a really, really good deal- I would save money by only going once a week. Yesterday I went to a yoga class. I have to say..."ouch".

Amy over at Amy's Humble Musings is hosting a 12 week challenge group...go on over for some encouragement, I think she is going to start up a separate blog for the group. I've lost a 1/2 lb so far..but I keep losing and gaining the same couple of lbs, so I am not celebrating yet. I have this problem with Sky and I liking to go out for dinner once a week...which we did last night, not good for one's dieting efforts!

Homeschool rocked yesterday! It rocked because I wrote out a plan of what I wanted to cover this week, and then I wrote out a plan for the day. And I didn't get onto the computer at all yesterday...that helped, too- not that I want to contemplate that much. Very much.

I was amazed that it rocked so much, even after I had to take out a chunk of time for my yoga class, and then a chunk of time to take Teddy for his meeting with his special ed teacher. I think it rocked because I knew I had to accomplish much in between those two appointments.

How is your New Year going, bloggy friends?
(going to sign off now, so I can keep on with the rocking thing..)