Sunday night check-in

Having a semi-quiet night here at our house. Thanksgiving we had about 10 Bible College boys over for dinner and then we did it all again on Saturday night for my relatives. I have to report that is was a Pioneer Woman Thanksgiving, I served up PW's mashed potatoes (addictive, but not for the calorie/fat shy) and her Stuffing. PW is responsible for daring me to try my wings and cook a little..I am not much of a cook. I do best, I've discovered...with recipes that are more subjective in follow-thru. It's definitely a Jenn thing, thank goodness PW's stuffing is a creative/forgiving sort of thing. The subjective thing is why I suck at making boxed brownies...

Josie went to bed last night, trying out a dream experiment. She really wanted to have a great "Warriors" adventure dream. For those of you who are not familiar with "Warriors", it is a series of books about cats. Lots of hidden depth in those cats, the author has spun out a whole long book series about them..who would have thunk it?

Back to my story...So, Josie goes to bed determined to dream about Warriors, so she tries to fall asleep thinking about the cats, envisioning the forest where they live, and softly saying a mantra to herself about Warrior cats and dark forests.

She dreamt she was in Barnes & Nobles sitting in a chair, reading a Warriors book.


I, on the other hand, dreamt I was running with 5 kids through yards in our neighborhood to catch a flight at the airport. I made it, sweaty and panting...with 10 minutes to spare, but was told I missed the flight. Dang subjective watch that I can't read!...(another post)

I will skip the rest, but I woke up in the morning to Sky telling me that I had to be at the Church meeting in 45 minutes, we were serving on Children's meeting and the meeting was early this week because of a special conference. Um, I can't get out of the shower and teeth brushed in 45 minutes, let alone get to the meeting hall. Funny how my dreams and real life dilemmas/anxiety all kind of mesh.

I am on a chick-lit run...just finished Million Dollar Dilemma, which is a Christian story, and was really a fun read. Loved it. I just started The Secret life of Mrs. Claus, which is very readable and fun so far.

My girls just finished Wesley the Owl, it is on my list to read next.

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.